"Physiotherapy (or physio) is a process by which a therapist and an individual can work together to restore movement and function to as near normal as possible, when that individual has been affected by an injury, illness or developmental condition"  


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Hayley and Simon are both highly trained physiotherapists that have experience working at national and international level prior to relocating back to Anglesey.  You can read more about their training and background on the About Us page.

 Physiotherapy and Sports Massage at Mount-Leonard Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic, Anglesey
As physiotherapists we use a broad range of assessment techniques in order to accurately diagnose your problem. Very often it is not the most obvious factor that causes your symptoms, and it is therefore essential to find the underlying cause of the symptoms that you are experiencing and to treat them accordingly. Once we have diagnosed your condition we will treat you using the most effective, evidence based techniques.
We have a wealth of experience treating all types of injuries.  We are here to help get rid of your aches and pains, whatever is causing them, and however they were caused.
We are based near Moelfre, on the North East coast of Anglesey, and treat clients from all over Anglesey and Bangor.  Most importantly, we do not require a GP referral, so we can commence physiotherapy treatment as soon as you require.

In light of the developing situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are also now providing virtual assessments and treatments, meaning that you can still access our services from the convenience of your own home should you be shielding, or not eligible for a face to face appointment.


Some of the common conditions that we treat are:
Back Pain
Arthritis and other Joint Pains
Repetitive Strain Injuries
Whiplash Associated Disorders
Neck Pain
Postural related Disorders
Ankle / Knee Strains
Sports related Injuries
Gardening / DIY related Injuries
Trapped Nerves
Joint and Muscle Problems
Rehabilitation after fractures or surgery
Work related upper limb disorders


We firmly believe that a holistic approach is required when treating any type of injury, and this can sometimes involve other healthcare professionals e.g. GP’s, Podiatrists, orthopaedic surgeons etc.
We are very lucky in that we have access to a fully equipped gym and are also qualified in sports massage therapy and acupuncture and these modalities may also be incorporated into your physiotherapy treatment where applicable.


Some of the techniques that we may use in the course of your physiotherapy treatment are:

Joint Mobilisations / Manipulation

Acupuncture (Western Medical Acupuncture)


Interferential Therapy


Soft Tissue Release

Trigger Point Release

Muscle Energy Techniques

Specific exercises (strength / stretch / correct movement / nerve mobilisation)

Deep Friction

Myofascial Release

Supports / Shoe inserts etc.

Posture correction


Call 07748 151302 to book a physiotherapy appointment with us at our Anglesey based clinic today

As Physiotherapists we are required by law to be registered with the CSP and the HPC. You can check our registration status at